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PAP Test

Papanicolaou test is a method of prevention for cervical cancer. It detects cell lesions usually caused by viruses, such as HPV.

It is a cytological examination during which cells are collected from the cervix, the endocervix and sometimes from a woman’s vagina. The examination is effectuated annually depending on the results and is recommended starting when a woman is sexually active.

In case of pathological findings the test may be repeated more often.



Specimen collection for Thin Prep Test is effectuated in the exact same way as for Pap Test, however the cells are not smeared directly onto a glass slide but they are place in a vial with fluid and it follows the processing by a special machine.

Thin Prep Test safeguards the collection of all collected cells and their proper preservation and provides smear of perfect quality thus allowing the cytologist a more accurate diagnosis